With my project "Belong" I want to establish a room where the public is allowed to touch, feel and lift my paintings. My artistic project is about creating a new, tactile space where people can dream, escape, wonder, breathe, feel, stop up and feel. I work with painting in large formats and try to break with the traditional concept of paintings in frames. The works are abstract but have clear references to nature. Using several visual layers, I want to draw the viewer into a colorful, dynamic world that hovers between the subtle and the representative. In the exhibition, I will try to evoke nature and give the audience an experience of moving around in a dense forest, primeval forest, or jungle.

I walk a lot both in the woods and in the mountains and I have discovered that if I go for a walk where thousands of tourists have walked before me, the tree I lean on, or grab, is completely slippery and worn. I can feel a hint of everyone before me. This will also occur when many people have touched my paintings. They will be worn and get marks, and the marks will be part of the work. Hanging on the walls in layered compositions and floating in the room, the audience is encouraged to a more bodily engagement. The works form a changing landscape, and the installation encourages human connections facing each individual painting but also in its entirety. Those present must circulate around and use the spaces between the canvases, so that each painting slowly reveals itself. The gaze is continuously drawn from one painting to the next and creates a temporal unfoldment. The back side can be just as interesting as the front.

My motivation for creating painting comes from within with clear guidelines from where I am geographically and experiences of the day. I am interested in how the painting, the lines and the color choices change according to where I am geographically, so I often work when traveling. They are non-verbal communications between my memories from a different part of the world, different atmosphere and landscapes to my present surroundings, connections and dependencies. Since Covid-19 I have been travelling in Norway. Earlier I have been to Uganda, Costa Rica, Italy, USA and Spain on Artist in Residence (AIR).  The journeys between memories and reality leaves deep impressions and allow me to see things differently. The moods and feelings my paintings give are far more important than references to natural landscapes. When I paint, it´s like a ritual dance where every stroke and every gesture is directly rooted in what I have experienced. It´s an inner force that let me to create exactly what I do. I am present, experiencing, sensing, and taking in - and then projecting it to the canvas. 

I work continuously with new work for the project. Some paintings are heavy with paint in layers upon layers, while others are light and simple in both composition and execution. In the gallery room, they will together create a total. In several layers on top of each other, I will mount the paintings directly on the walls and fill the room with works hanging from the ceiling at different heights. It's like a big, three-dimensional collage.