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The Norwegian visual artist Kristin Romberg (b. 1970) has since 2001 worked with paintings in large formats. She is educated at the University of Sydney, fine art, Westerdal advertising school, Einar Granum Art School and has had numerous exhibitions in Norway and abroad.

In the last two years, she has moved towards installation art with her paintings as they are mounted freely hanging layer upon layer in the room. Her juicy, colorful works create a new dimension and Romberg wants to establish a new, tactile space where people can dream, escape, wonder, breathe, feel, stop and feel. She tries to break with the established concept of canvas on a blind frame and with the help of the visual layers Romberg wants to draw the viewer into a colorful, dynamic world that hovers between the subtle and the representative. The paintings are abstract and have clear references to nature and she seeks to give an experience of moving around in a dense, primeval forest or jungle.


Romberg is inspired by abstract expressionism (New York School), and when she paints it is like a performance where she moves in and around the painting. "When I paint, it's like a ritual dance where every stroke and every gesture is directly rooted in what I have experienced. It is an inner force that drives me to create exactly what I do. I am present, experiencing, sensing and taking in - and then projecting it onto the screen. "


The artist is constantly working on new paintings for her project and often traveling and working on other places. She is interested in how the lines and the color choice change according to where she is geographically. Some paintings are heavy with paint, while others are light and simple in both composition and execution. When they are to be mounted for display, they are all equally important. Together they create a whole as a large, floating collage.


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