The world is my garden


Through art I can express the wonder and the curiosity I feel about the world I live in. My work is an intuitive improvisation on nature and on the impressions of daily life. Through a process of psychological realism, visual elements are restructured into an abstraction of the landscape and the figure.


Through the relationship of colors, forms, and marks, through rhythm and balance, and the physical and psychological work of painting, each picture develops into a unique expression. Using visual suggestions, I draw the viewer into an imagined landscape, into a colorful, dynamic world that hovers between the abstract and the representational.


I travels a lot and my paintings are often made connected to this. They are non-verbal communications between my memories from a different part of the world, different atmosphere and landscapes, to my present surroundings, connections and dependencies. The journeys between memories and reality have left deep impressions and allow me to see things differently. The moods and feelings that my paintings bring about are far more important to me than references to natural landscapes.


Kristin Romberg


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