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Solo Exhibitions

2023    Hankø Chapel with soundwork of Ingrid Kindem and Anja Bjørshol / Hankøfestival

2023    Continental Art Gallery, Beaulieu Sur Mer, FRANCE

2022    Sarpsborg Art Association, Norway, Belong

2021    Gallery Røde Jeløy, Moss, Norway Belong

2021    Fredrikstad Art Association, Norway Belong                                               

2020    Kvartetten visningsrom, Norway Aparte Par med Per Jonas Lindström                                         

2019    Gallery Røed Jeløy, Norway There and Then Here and Now

2018    Råde Art Association, gallery old Tomb, Norway The one who sees it

2018    Eidsberg Art Association, Norway  Silence – let it talk by itself.

2017    Østfold Art Center, Fredrikstad, Norway The power of going up

2016    Hydrogenfabrikken Arthall, Fredrikstad, Norway Reverberation

2016    Galleri Nord, Tromsø, Norway, About Time

2015    Ullensaker Art Association, Norway Free to fly - put on your wings

2015    Rygge Art Association, Norway, Bottomless and Sky high

2015    Ullensaker Art Association, Jessheim, Norway Homecoming

2014    Motorfabrikken, Fredrikstad, Norway The World is my garden

2014    Gallery Vulkan, Oslo, Norway, Pura Vida

2013    Gallery Vulkan, Oslo, Norway, Mad Men

2012    Muesums of Akershus, Stein school museum, Norway, Fairytales

2012    Østfold Art Center, Fredrikstad, Norway A Moment Lost

2011    Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, USA Real Fantasy - Dreamt Reality

2011    Hole Artcenter, Oslo, Norway Invisible Truth

2010    Motorfabrikken,  Fredrikstad, Norway Glorious Absence

2010    La Galleria, Barcelona, SPAIN Glorious Absence

2010    Nordic Cultural Center, Riga, LATVIA East Of The Sun - West Of The Moon

2010    Gallery Carousell, Riga, LATVIA East Of The Sun - West Of The Moon

2010    Gallery Britannia, Fredrikstad, Norway Nothing lasts

2009    Gallery Elenor, Oslo, Norway Without beginning, without end

2007    Gallery G, Arendal, Norway Finding Neverland

2007    Gallery Nedgården, Hvaler, Norway Finding Neverland

2007    Gallery Graphique, Norway Between Remembering and Forgetting

2006    TAP Gallery, Sydney, AUSTRALIA Hide and seek

2006    Gallery Carousell, Riga, LATVIA  Nothing is a coincidence

2005    Gallery Clara, Norway High above

2004    Ullensaker Art Association, Norway Wild bird

2004    Clodion Art Café, Oslo, Norway Paintings and Drawings

2003    Gallery Stallen, Old Fredrikstad, Norway



Group Exhibitions

2024    Winter exhibition, Østfold Art Association, Norway

2023    Christmas Exhibition, Gallery FG, Fredrikstad, Norway

2023    Art to the People, Nova Hutha, Fredrikstad, Norway

2022    Hydrogenfabrikken Fredrikstad, Norway Multiple Helium #2

2022    Dronninglund Artcenter, Transparens DENMARK

2021    Østfold Artcenter RISS! – Processbased etching, 

2021    Fluffy Crimes, #4, Chicago, USA

2019    Østfold Kunstsenter, KUTT UT! 2

2019    Østfold bildende kunstnere, Old Town Fredrikstad, Norway I chose April

2018    Helium Hydrogenfabrikken Fredrikstad, Norway Multiple Helium

2018    Fredrikstad Art Association, Norway Kutt Ut

2017    Leknes Cultureal house, Lofoten, Norway DairY

2017    Østlandsutstillingen, Norway

2017    Gallery Soon, Son, Norway

2015    Larvik Art Association, Norway

2014    Kunst Fredrikstad 2014, Fredrikstad Norway

2014    Østlandsutstillingen Kiel, GERMANY Kieler Frieden

2013    Fridge Art Fair Miami, USA

2013    Fashion week Festival artist, Oslo, Norway

2013    Gallery Walaker, Sogn, Norway

2011    Gallery Ceres, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York, USA

2011    Art North Center, Sæby,  DENMARK

2010    Hole Artcenter, Norway Summer exhibition

2010    Limfjordmuseet, DENMARK Nothing have changed

2009    Hole Artcenter/Galleri Elenor, Oslo, Norway, 50/50!

2009    San Francisco, USA Norwegian Instant Art

08-      Østfold Art Center, Fredrikstad, Norway Summer exhibition

2008    Art Fair Nittedal, Norway

07/09   Fredrikstad, Norway Art in the streets, outdoor arrangement

2004    Moss Art Association, Norway

2003    Gallery NK, Lillehammer, Norway



Art Performance

2016    Unspoken Dialog. Collaboration project with dancer Henriette Slorer 

2013    Encounter, film with Henriette Slorer Jacobsen

2009    PS!-Viral Art, Barcelona, SPAIN

2006    Dance with me, Paddington, Sydney, AUSTRALIA




2018-20  Oslo MET PPU-Y

2013-14  Oslo Art Academy, KHIO, Art history BA

2012       NGV - Norwegian Printmakers Studio, Leong Va

2006       Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, BA fine Arts, AUSTRALIA

1991-93  Westerdals School of Communication, ART DIRECTOR, Oslo Norway

1990-91  School of Graphic Design, Oslo, Norway

1989-91  Einar Granum College of Art, Fine art, Oslo, Norway

2007-09  Student at Markus Brendmoe´s studio, Oslo, Norway



Artist in Residence:

2023    Kaya Imany Artist in Residence, KENYA, AFRICA

2022    La Napoule Art Foundation, Cannes, FRANCE

2018    Artist in Residence, Niiad, Uganda, AFRICA

2016    Artist in Residence, Kunstkvarteret, Lofoten, Norway

2015    Artist in Residence, Palazzo Stabile, ITALY

2014    Artist in Residence, Costa Rica, CENTRAL AMERICA

2009    NIA, Norwegian Instant Art, San Francisco, USA

2009    Artist in Residence Can Serrat, Barcelona, SPAIN (Oct)

2009    Artist in Residence Can Serrat, Barcelona, SPAIN   (May)


Art in Public Spaces/Collections:

2024    Onsøyheimen Senior Center, large artwork outside, Fredrikstad Municipality

2023    Onsøyheimen Senior Center, Big painting, Fredrikstad Municipality

2023    H&M Superstore Oslo, 4 pillars and 2 woven carpets

2016    Fredrikstad Municipality, 8 work to their collection

2014    House of Health, 2 work, Kråkerøy, Norway

2013    Rødsmyra Primaryschool, Kråkerøy, Norway

2007    Kråkeby Kindergarden, Kråkerøy, Norway 

2005    Kynningsrud AS Norway

2007    AF Gruppen AS, Norway

2007    Kjøkkenkompaniet AS, Norway

2006    House of Norway, Riga, Latvia

1995    Siemens AS, 2 work, Oslo, Norway



LNM (Norwegian Art Council for painters)

NBK (Norwegian Art Council) ,

ØBK (Østfold Art Council 2009-, leader of the boarder 2011-2017)



2018-      Leader of Boarder Østlandsutstillingen

2016-      Leader of Boarder Sirius Hydrogenfabrikken

2015       Project room Helium, Hydrogenfabrikken with dancer Henriette Slorer

2015       Curator RAKE gallery, Trondheim, Norway

2011-      Teacher DKS, Punkt Ø and National Gallery

2011       Teacher DKS, Punkt Ø, Momentum Biennale 

2009-15   Boarder of ØBK (Østfold Art Assosiation) Leader (2011-15)

2008-09   Jury-member UKM (Youth Art Performance)

2009-11   Project, Founding HYDROGENFABRIKKEN

2004        Blue image 2004 - price, Moss Art association, 

1993-01   Art Director and Illustrator for several magazines, papers and companies in Norway




21-24   Sparebankstiftelsen project found with Hege Liseth

2020    Fredrikstad Municipality project grant

2020    Vederlagsfondet grant

2020    Exhibition grant (KIN)

2020    Sparebankstiftelsen projectfound with Hege Liseth

2018    Østfold Fylkeskommune Grant of Travel

2014    Artist Growth Grant, Hydrogenfabrikken with dancer Henriette Slorer

2014    Reaktor, Hydrogenfabrikken, workgrant with dancer Henriette Slorer

2013    DanceArt in Østfold grant with dancer Henriette Slorer

2010    The Norwegian Embassy in Madrid, Spain 

2010    The Norwegian Embassy in Riga, Latvia 

2009    The Norwegian Embassy in San Francisco USA

2009    Artist in Recidence Grant at Can Serrat, Barcelona, Spain 

2009    NorwayHouse Foundation, San Franscisco, USA

2009    Norwegian American Cultural Foundation, San Francisco, USA

2009    Norwegian Consulate in San Franscisco, USA

2009    Norwegian Seamen’s Church in San Franscisco, USA

2009    Private grant from h &h Partners, San Franscisco, USA

2009    Private grant from: Abb, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Moods of Norway, Kunst for Alle, Finse 1222, Ferner Jacobsen,  Shoelounge, Great vibes,                   Jensen&Scheele bil as,  Norway




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